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7 Ways Kids Can Help Prepare for Family Gatherings

Family Gathering

Young kids love to help and feel like they are contributing especially during family gatherings. It not only makes them feel valued but also teaches them responsibility and teamwork. Here are a couple of suggestions to involve your kids during these preparations:

  1. Create a Family Countdown Calendar: Along with making a paper chain, consider creating a family countdown calendar for the upcoming event. Each day, involve your child in a small activity related to the gathering, like drawing a picture of a dish you'll have, writing a note to a family member, or adding a decoration to the calendar. This adds a daily dose of anticipation and creativity.

  2. Prepare food: Food and food preparation is a huge portion of most family gatherings. Ask your child to help with preparing a dish. They can gather ingredients, stir the mixing bowl, or help chop salad ingredients with kid-safe kitchen tools. Involving them in this process is also great for improving their organizational and fine-motor skills.

  3. Family Memory Scrapbook: Encourage your child to document the special moments leading up to the event. Create a family memory scrapbook where they can draw pictures, write notes, or even add small items like stickers or ticket stubs from activities you do together. It becomes a cherished keepsake and a great way to relive the excitement.

  4. Arrange your space: Ask your child to suggest ways to setup your space that will accommodate guests and serving food. Have them clean off surfaces of furniture before you are ready to move them around.

  5. Personalized Invitations: If you're hosting the event, let your child get creative with personalized invitations. They can draw pictures, write messages, or even record audio messages to send out. It adds a personal touch and makes the process of inviting guests more enjoyable.

  6. DIY Decorations: Extend the crafting session by creating DIY decorations for the event. Your child can make banners, centerpieces, or even simple party favors. This not only adds a personal touch to the gathering but also allows them to showcase their creativity.

  7. Choose what to wear: Inform your child about the conditions of an upcoming event such as location and weather. Ask them to choose several items of clothing that they think is appropriate for those conditions. Sometimes it helps to give them a choice and then ask them which one they prefer, such as "do you prefer the blue or red sweater?"


Remember, the goal is not just to get things done but to create lasting memories and traditions for your family. Enjoy the journey of preparing together, and let the excitement build as the event approaches!

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