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6 ways to make your child feel more independent

Independent child watering plants

Children need to be challenged in order to develop the skills needed to (eventually) function in the world on their own. It takes time, effort, and trust to guide your child to become more independent, but the rewards are well worth it. Here are some simple things you can do to help your little one be more independent.

1. Let Them Make Mistakes

By allowing a child to make mistakes, they are learning to overcome disappointment and strengthen their ability to cope with adversity. It's hard to see your child struggle. But if you focus on teaching them that failure is just feedback, it helps develop a growth mindset.

2. Involve Them in Household Tasks

Encourage your child to take on small tasks like cleaning up toys after playtime and putting away groceries. Make sure you are giving them chores that are age-appropriate. Kids are much more willing to help out when they feel they contribute to the household.

3. Offer Choices and Freedom Within Limits

Offering choices helps develop decision-making skills. However, giving children too many choices without guidance can be overwhelming. Trying asking them whether they would like to go to the park or play a game today. Although, the choices are small, the child will feel a confidence and self-esteem boost when making the decision.

3. Give Them Space

Children need space to learn and develop. Their independence relies on them being able to do things without your help. Try small tasks, like feeding the dog, grabbing the mail from the mailbox, or making a sandwich.

4. Avoid Over-Correcting

This one can be difficult as we have tend to have standards as adults. However, it is important not to correct all of your child’s mistakes or inaccuracies so that they can feel confident in their actions. For example, If they don’t fix their bed the right way, that’s OK. We can always show them again next time.

5. Design a Space for Independence

Organization is important for children. In school, they will have their own desk and this is most likely where they will feel most confident and focus in doing work. It is important to create spaces in your home dedicated not just for work, but also play.


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