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As we prepare to wrap up another remarkable year of service, growth and discovery, we would like take a moment once again to express our heartfelt gra…
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7 Ways Kids Can Help Prepare for Family Gatherings

Young kids love to help and feel like they are contributing especially during family gatherings. It not only makes them feel valued but also teaches t…
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New Report Finds 80% of New York City Families Cannot Afford Child Care

A new report from the Citizens Committee for Children (CCC) finds that the vast majority of New York City families cannot afford any form of child car…
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In Memoriam Vaughan Toney

Vaughan P.A. Toney June 29, 1955 - September 4, 2023 - Advocate, Chief Executive Officer & Ambassador-at-Large…
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9 reasons why early education is important

Did you know children who are behind in kindergarten are more likely to fall behind for their entire educational experience? If you are unsure about e…
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6 ways to make your child feel more independent

Children need to be challenged in order to develop the skills needed to (eventually) function in the world on their own. It takes time, effort, and tr…
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